Oat & Plantain Natural Solid Shampoo Bar


Oat & Plantain Natural Solid Shampoo Bar

For sensitive scalps.

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Oat & Plantain Natural Solid Shampoo Bar

For sensitive scalps.


Oats – calming soothing and moisturising to alleviate and ease dry irritated and itchy scalp.
Plantain – healing and soothing, encourages proper blood circulation to gently help hair follicles stay healthy and hydrated.
Juniper – a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory for a healthy scalp, full of b vitamins, potassium, beta carotene and calcium all needed for good strong hair growth.
Cedarwood -stimulates circulation to help soothe scalp.
Lavender – helps hair grow thicker and faster. Balances sebum production and can help relieve an itchy sensitive scalp leaving hair soft and healthy.
Eucalyptus – improves blood circulation which stimulates hair follicles for strong hair growth.
Rosemary – enhances hair growth while conditioning.
Kaolin Clay – very gently removes impurities and dirt from the hair and scalp.

Why Choose Solid Shampoo?

Well apart form being a completely natural product, free from artificial preservatives, perfumes and other man-made chemicals, our solid shampoo bars are lightweight, they’re long-lasting and they’re more eco-friendly (no plastic packaging here).

They’re great for travelling too as they are solid, they don’t fall under hand luggage restrictions.

How to Use Solid Shampoo

Work a lather on the bar and then run this through your hair. You will find that not much is needed so apply sparingly. Start off with a small amount and then work in more as required. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

All of our soaps are supplied in handmade cotton gift bags.
Soap weighs at least 100g
Please Note: All soaps are natural and handmade, so the colours, styles and shapes are subject to change.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report Certified as Legally Required by EU Regulation EU 1223/2009


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