Exfoliating Filled Natural Soap Bag


Filled with a mixture of offcuts and undersized soap, each one is unique but beautiful!

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Exfoliating Filled Natural Soap Bag

A selection of soap offcuts and undersized bars (minimum total weight 100g) all packed in an excellent soap saver exfoliating bag!

You will get a selection of random soap bar offcuts from our handmade production process all packed in a natural exfoliating soap saver bag! The soap saver bags can be reused and are excellent for showers and sinks to use natural soap easily and make it last longer!

These filled soap bags make great gifts as well!

Minimum Soap Weight: 100g

Please Note: All soaps are natural and handmade, so the colours, styles and shapes are subject to variations.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report Certified as Legally Required by EU Regulation EU 1223/2009


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