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Limited Edition -Campsite Contraband Bag!

I’m a Celebrity has arrive in north Wales again this year! I’d rather go to the warm Australian jungle than a cold welsh castle I think…

But to celebrate the show arriving on our doorstep here in north Wales, we’ve made a great Limited Edition: Campsite Contraband Bag! A random soap, shampoo bar and lip balm all for £10! In a cool little Burlap bag too!

You can add a conditioner bar for just £5 too!

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Why use a facial oil?

Face oils are designed to provide hydration and lock in moisture. But many people avoid using them because they think it will leave their skin greasy. However, natural oils can be extremely beneficial, and used in the right combination can regulate even oily prone skin.


About Bare

Bare is dedicated to create 100% natural bathing and skin products. Simple really. But more than that, Bare is our way of taking these amazing natural ingredients and presenting, producing and supplying them in a way that is both beautiful and honest.

Started by Dinah Anthony, a full-time carer for her husband, who wanted to create beautiful natural products and help educate on the benefits of all natural skin care.

Knowledge that what you’re using on your hair, skin and body is a genuinely high quality, natural product that will do you good, can bring you peace of mind.

All of our natural range is handmade, near Caernarfon in North Wales, and nothing is tested on animals. A large amount of our natural range is vegan too, so if you want beautiful, luxurious and wonderfully made natural products, you're in the right place

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Make a change...

Switching to natural deodorant is a big step that is worth the effort, so we've put together this blog to really help you understand what this change means and how it will benefit you.

Hair Care

Our 100% natural shampoo bars and conditioner bars are a great way to transition to plastic free, cruelty free and all natural hair care.


100% Natural Body Butters, Face Scrubs, Body Scrubs, Moisturising Face Oils and Skin Balms.


Our brand new, 100% natural deodorant is now available in our shop... time for you to make the change to natural?


Become one of our wholesale stockists. We supply most of our range wholesale, so if you're looking for 100% natural and handmade goodness for your store, apply here:

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