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Eco-Friendly and Handcrafted: How I Make My Natural Soaps

Come along while I take you through my personal natural soap-making process!

Crafted with Care: Why Bare Natural is Committed to Cruelty-Free Beauty

Did you know that everything crafted here at Bare Natural is proudly cruelty-free and ethically sourced? That’s right – no animal testing and no harm inflicted on our furry friends! Read on to learn why I’m committed to being cruelty-free…

Q&A: You Ask, I Answer!

Hello everyone! For this month’s blog I thought it would be nice to answer some of your questions about me, Bare Natural, and everything in between!

The Journey of Bare Natural: 10 Year Anniversary

A decade ago, armed with passion and a few humble ingredients, I embarked on a journey to create a line of natural soaps, bath salts and skincare products that made skin as well as Mother Earth happy. Join me in this blog as I look back on the humble beginnings and journey that’s led me to where my business is today!

The Benefits of Going Plastic-Free: Happy Earth, Happy Skin

In a world that often feels overwhelmed by plastic waste, our plastic-free pledge is a small yet mighty ripple in the pond towards a greener, cleaner planet. Read on to learn the benefits of being a plastic free business and why it’s so important to us!

Sensitive Skin: The Best Bare Natural Products To Try

Here’s a little rundown of the best products you can get from Bare Natural that focus on easing fragile and sensitive skin!

A Closer Look: Bare Natural Soap

Our natural soap bars are special to us here at Bare Natural, as they’re the first product we ever developed! Over the years we’ve worked on our recipes to ensure they’re of the highest quality and give the best cleansing for skin. Take a closer look at the main ingredients we use to make them and why they’re so beneficial!

A Closer Look: Bare Natural Facial Oils

Some people may shy away from using an oil, believing it can be greasy or heavy. Have a read to learn more about our lightweight, easily absorbed facial oils and how they can give you super smooth and nourished skin!

A Closer Look: Bare Natural Lip Balms

Protecting and caring for your lips is a vital step in any self-care routine! Take a look at what makes Bare Natural lip balms so super for your smackers…

Meet The Bare Natural Team

Who’s behind Bare Natural? Allow us to introduce ourselves!

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