Brand New Solid Shampoo from Bare!

We have our brand new range of Solid Shampoo available online!

“Well that’s interesting…” i hear you ponder, “but why would I ever use a solid shampoo?”

That’s a good questions. Well here are some of the benefits:

Firstly, these are all natural solid shampoo bars. They are free from artificial preservatives, perfumes and other man-made chemicals. The are all cruelty free with no animal testing.

All of our ingredients are responsibly sourced and are handmade by us in soap kitchen on the edge of Snowdonia.

In addition, our solid shampoo bars are lightweight, they’re long-lasting and they’re more eco-friendly (no plastic packaging here). They’re also great for travelling, as they are solid, they don’t fall under hand luggage restrictions.

“Ok, ok… but how do I use a solid shampoo?”

Another excellent question. You use a solid shampoo in a very similar way to liquid shampoos.

Work a lather on the bar and then run this through your hair. You will find that not much is needed so apply sparingly. Start off with a small amount and then work in more as required. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

When moving over to solid, natural shampoos there can be a cross over period for your hair to adjust, but it should be no longer than a few days if you follow these instructions.

So give them a try. We’re really proud of them and the feedback from those who have started using them has been so positive that we can’t stop smiling!

Try them here:

4 replies on “Brand New Solid Shampoo from Bare!”

  • I bought my first bar of hair and body soap from Echo Beach in Beaumaris about a year ago and haven’t looked back. I have long, ‘elderly’, hair which has flourished under your soap shampoo followed by a small amount of Argan oil rubbed into the ends while it is still wet. Shiny, easy to brush, easy to manage and does’t get greasy. Where have you been all my life!
    I went to buy a new bar yesterday and found your new range of hair soap. I bought the Rosemary and am looking forward to trying it out.
    I am moving to South Wales later this year which is what had brought me to your website. So happy that I will still be able to get your products online!

    • Hi Sian,

      Mae’r sebon i gyd yn oleiaf 100g. Mae’r maint ar bob un o’r disgrifiadau.



  • Bought a shampoo bar & also conditioner bar and best move I made .It has lasted much longer than liquid shampoo as has the conditioner. No more liquid shampoo for me

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